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Becoming involved in your community is a rewarding part of life. . . . volunteer!

Communities rely on its volunteers to enhance its programs making the community a better place to live. If you enjoy working with people and love downtown, Downtown Partners needs you!  Please take the time to fill out the form below.

Economic Development: Recruiting new businesses to give a good balance in the retail/service mix is a key function of this committee. Members assist businesses 
with development plans, financial packaging, including the Revolving Loan Fund.

Marketing: Attracting customers and investors to the downtown strengthens its 
role as a vital economic component of the community. The Marketing Committee is responsible for image building campaigns for the downtown.

Events: Traffic generating events encourage economic development, retail trade and a renewed interest in the downtown area. The committee organizes six events during the year and works with other organizations hosting events in the downtown.

Individual Event Volunteer
If committees are not in your expertise but you enjoy being part of team that promotes "quality of life" with fun-filled activities for all ages.. .  then volunteer become an individual event volunteer for a day.

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