Downtown Partners Sioux City
Downtown Partners Sioux City is a nonprofit organization committed to revitalizing downtown by encouraging economic development, by creating excitement and a strong image through organization and promotions, and by coordinating a cohesive design of buildings and landscape.

Downtown Partners uses the Main Street approach to downtown revitalization. The Main Street approach incorporates activities in four distinct areas: organization, design, promotion and business improvement. Each of these combines to build a positive, identifiable image for downtown.

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Organizing and implementing a cooperative effort among government, business and property owners, the Chamber of Commerce, civic groups and individual citizens for the common goal of a better downtown.

Working to market the downtown community through a series of aggressive, targeted activities. Such activities include special events and festivals, events designed to boost retail sales, cooperative advertising and coordinated marketing for the entire district.

To improve the physical appearance of the business district thus enhancing the customers' perception of the district and desire to do business there. Design includes building structures, landscaping, window displays, lighting and streetscape amenities.

To actively recruit new businesses to give a good balance in the retail/service mix, provide assistance with development plans and financial packaging and retain existing commercial businesses in the district.

A professional full-time staff assists the Board of Directors and dozens of volunteers, to carry out this mission.

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